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How to play Two-up?


A person is selected as the Spinner (generally greeted to loud calls of "Come in Spinner!" by the rest of the players). The Spinner will be tossing the coins in the air using the kip until they win or lose.

The basic format of the game:

* Two heads means the Spinner wins.
* Two tails means the Spinner loses.
* Odds means the Spinner throws again.

The Spinner is required to place a bet before their first throw that must be covered (equalled) by another player. If the Spinner wins they keep the bet and cover, otherwise it goes to the player who covered the bet. The Boxer takes a commission out of this bet. [2]

The other members of the group place side bets (bets against each other) on whether the Spinner will win or lose and the result of the next throw.


Variations revolve around the definition of "win" and "lose" for the Spinner. Some variations include:

* The Spinner only wins after successive heads, i.e.: three heads are thrown before a tails, with any number of Odds. e.g.: "Odds, Heads, Odds, Odds, Heads, Odds, Heads" would be a win assuming three heads are required.
* If the Spinner throws successive Odds they lose, i.e.: five Odds are thrown before a tails. e.g.: "Odds, Heads, Odds, Odds, Heads, Odds, Odds" would be a loss assuming three heads are required and five Odds is a loss.

When played in casinos the Spinner's bet is covered by the house, as are the side-bets by the group of punters.