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Baccarat Guide

baccarat guideBaccarat originated in fifteenth century Italy, but once it was introduced into France it was renamed as Chemin de Fer which in its literal translation means “railway” though we have no idea why it is called this. Perhaps it was a popular game for travelers.

Baccarat is an ancient casino game that is enjoyed as much today as it was when it first appeared with online baccarat proving equally popular as the traditional game. It is played at most real brick and mortar, and online, casinos where it is played both for fun and for substantial stakes. In some live casinos it is played primarily for large stakes, and the high rolling clientele tend to be the rich and the glamorous often playing in specially reserved parts of the casinos. Of course, when playing online there is no need to dress in your tuxedo or evening dress and you can play for just about as little or as much as you wish.

Nowadays the game has a number of variants and the most popular ones are the original Baccarat, Banquet and PuntoBanco. PuntoBanco is the most common variation seen online and it is the one that is mostly available at live casinos.

This version generally uses six decks of cards which are dealt from a card shoe. There is a bank and a player (which is not an actual person, it is just a position) and both are dealt two cards. Depending on the value of these cads one or both hands may receive an additional card. Where or not they do is determined by a set of detailed rules which it is not necessary to know in order to play, apart from the need to keep an eye on the dealer to make sure she does not make an error.

All picture card and tens have no value, though the rest of the cards are valued by their face value with the ace counting only as one. The value of a hand is found by adding up the cards and if the final sum has more than one digit the first digit is discarded; so a 14 becomes a 4 and a 16 becomes a 6. The winner (bank of player) is the one that has a score that is closest to 9.

Before the deal players bet on the bank or the player which both pay out at even money or they can bet on a tie which pays out at 8 to 1.